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About V-data

When V-data started out as Videodata in 1993 it had just two products, the original Video Encoder/Decoder (VED) and the Global Time and Position unit (GTP). Those products are still in demand today and we have added many more products as the need became apparent. Over the years we have annotated video with data from every imagineable sensor including joystick, clinometer, digital compass, laser ranger, depth sounder, synchro, resolver, temperature, wind, humidity, ultrasonic ranger, and pressure. Custom applications are still an important part of our business and we enjoy helping our clients with unique data acquisition requirements.

Annotated video is a often the perfect solution when a picture is needed in addition to sensor data. Unlike other data collection methods, pictures and data can be unquestionably correlated. V-data has always placed emphasis on including a precision time stamp on the video along with other data. The precision time is derived either from IRIG-B standard timecode or directly from a GPS receiver. V-data has developed its own GPS synchronized IRIG-B timecode generator, the GTP, to provide time to it's VED units and to other user systems.

V-data's unique contribution to video annotation has been a comprehensive incorporation of edge-code to stamp the video with machine readable data in addition to the standard alphanumeric data. In addition to encoding, each VED can also decode the edge-code from previously recorded video, saving much time over frame-by-frame hand-logging methods. In the decode mode the VED can generate a moveable crosshair and output the coordinates of the crosshair along with decoded data to facilitate video motion analysis.

We are pleased to include among our customers almost all Government Agencies, including Army, Navy, AF, Marines, CG, USGS, NOAA, Customs, and Fish and Wildlife. Our customer base also includes local government, university, and industrial users, as well as small businesses such as infra-red services and detective agencies.

V-data: About Us
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